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Who we are

NZ Miniature Bearings is physically located in Shirley, Christchurch city, New Zealand. All bearings are stocked in Christchurch and ready to be delivered. This store has the biggest range of miniature bearing selections available in NZ, with the most competitive price. Our mission is to give hobbyists access to high quality bearings at affordable prices with no minimum purchase. Being local, we are proud of our fast turnaround service, most orders are received by our customers within 3 days.

No order is too big or too small. We happily accept an order of a single bearing as long as that is all you need. For bulk orders, we can supply as many and as often as required. If we don't have enough bearings in stock, the lead time is usually one to two weeks.

Bearings are critical components for performance. They are the best value for price to upgrade your RC cars, helicopters, boats and planes, skateboard, roller blades, bicycles etc.

Download the full catalog in PDF or view it directly on our website.

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Yes, we ship worldwide. To make it simple, shipping cost within New Zealand is the same as shipping to any other countries. Shipping is $3.50 for orders under $50, and free otherwise. Domestic shipping usually takes two business days to arrive, and international shipping can take up to 14 business days.

Why buy bearings from us?

We accept small orders
Reasonable pricing
Shipping only $3.50 or none
Fast delivery - most orders arrive within 3 business days

Contact us

King Au
Phone: +64 (021) 02537522
Email: click here

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